Monday, November 24, 2008

Peter King's Small Houses in Vermont

Peter King builds Tiny Houses in Vermont. I found this video through the Tiny House Blog. He found it on the Stuck in Vermont blog.

Having grown increasingly irritated with all the consumerism mess here in the U.S., I've been more and more fascinated by simpler living. While I'm not even remotely considering or ready to ever give up my connectivity via phone and internet, the concept of spending most of life going to a job you hate so you can pay for a house you barely use and toys you don't have time to play with because you're busy working to "afford" them is becoming more and more absurd the more thought I give it.

I'm likely just having another mid-life crisis, but the patent absurdity of the life most of us lead and strive for is beginning to wear on me the further I get from my young age. Even though I've been quite a few amazing places, there is still so much to see and do. I couldn't likely deal with the Grizzly Adams thing. Beards itch. But what a bunch of futility we are taught to strive towards.

Or it's just a funny video of a trippy dude who likes it simple.

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Iam N. Idiot said...

I can really relate to this guy and what he is saying. When I had a big house (or, more accurately, my wife did) it seemed like a huge ball and chain. And our mindless consumerism (and credit purchasing) just seems to sell our freedom and our happiness - not unlike most other addictions. Less is more, my son.