Monday, November 24, 2008

Motorcycles are Greener?

I have been seeing so many new motorcycles in the green news lately. Most are simply prototypes and concepts, of course. But mating a motorcycle with greener tech makes so much sense. Of course if you are of the mind that motorcycles are just instruments of death for the owners, you aren't likely to agree with that assessment. But understand that this is coming from someone who has lived without a car in the United States for at least 8 years of adult life (in Southern California, not New York City!), and is involved in the motorcycle community in play and work.

Motorcycles and scooters use far fewer resources to own and operate over automobiles. Making them even "greener" only makes it more of a well-used transportation vessel. As with everything in life, it has it's drawbacks, with exposure being at the top, both to elements and things that can impact with the body. But those risks can be considerably mitigated with a bit of diligence, gear, and training.

I am going to try to keep track of those I see, perhaps in a central location. Here is one I just saw today on AutoBlog Green after having thought about this for a few days.

LPG Powered Yamaha XT500 Motorcycle

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