Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear President-Elect Obama

This is a letter written by a friend of mine.  I was going to write something almost verbatim, so since I am lazy and it would be redundant, I shall just post it here and give him credit.

Dear President-Elect Obama,

Congratulations, sir, on a well-run campaign and a smashing victory. You energized millions of people to register and vote for you. And your campaign, by and large, focused on a positive vision for America. For that I commend you.

I didn’t vote for you. I feel that while your words are beautifully written and delivered, your record is scarce and scant. And what little record you’ve established seems to me to lean far to the left; too many government “solutions”, too much bureaucracy, too much regulation. And in a time of a contracting economy, I fear your economic policies will in fact exacerbate the economic downturn, not alleviate it.

But that is of little consequence now. You have won an historic victory. You are the nation’s first African-American president and obviously a man of high intellect who came from humble beginnings and I applaud you for reaching the pinnacle. You have proven that indeed America is still a beacon of hope for
all its citizens.

Your appeal reached far beyond traditional liberals and leftists to include disgruntled Republicans, independents and all ethnic groups. If there is anything I would ask you to think about every day when you awaken in the White House, it is this: that you represent
ALL the people, not just a small clique pushing an agenda, that it took millions of people from all walks of life to lift you to this great victory. You can certainly learn from the errors of your predecessors. I hope you will act on the words you spoke during the campaign and lead from the middle, not out on the edge. Don’t allow your own party to pull you too far in one direction … go above their heads to the America people if need be. You’re a convincing, articulate fellow and have obvious leadership qualities. Use those powers of persuasion and don’t be afraid to spend some of your political capital to lead the nation while rising above partisanship.

I wish you well, sir. You have a daunting task ahead of you. I don’t envy you … but I do respect you. And come next January, you will be my president. You have great reason to be proud. You have overcome stunning odds to soon become the most powerful man on the face of the Earth. In some way, I suspect all of us are proud of you as well. I wish your grandmother could have lived a few more days to see this moment. I know how proud she would have been of you.

You have a unique opportunity to become one of America’s most historic figures. I ask you to use your power wisely, judiciously and fairly. Keep a sense of humor and perspective and your family and friends close to you. You'll need them when times are tough. And undoubtedly, you will face many challenges in the years ahead.

You have my best wishes for wisdom and patience and prayers for success.


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